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Oct 312011

If you are looking ahead to some relaxed time with your partner, plan a trip to Virginia to form a fantastic connection of romance.

The very motto of the state is that “Virginia is for Lovers”. You and your partner can enjoy a host of activities which will not only establish but also strengthen a strong relationship filled with romance, adventure and memories.
Start your trip with a day cruise. You will love the warm air touching your face. The gentle breeze, taste of salt on your lips, the sounds of the sea and sails, the wonderful hues of the water and the skies and the very beautiful Atlantic Ocean sunset, all form a perfect setting for an evening full of romance. You can take this cruise from Norfolk, where you can take this cruise on board a unique and romantic tall-ship run by American Rover Tall Ship Cruises. The cruise is a narrated cruise and lasts for 2 or 3 hours. The ship is equipped with a cocktail lounge, restrooms and a gift shop.

Another memorable excursion is a llama trek for couples vacation. You can try this trek at the Applewood Inn Bed & Breakfast in Lexington. You can book one of their unique rooms complete with fireplaces. They serve some delicious home-cooked breakfast. You will love to take a dip in their cool, blue pool. Enjoy a picnic lunch along with the llama trek. You can lead the llamas. The entire trip will last for two or three hours. Many different packages are available of varying lengths. You can get various amenities for your getaway.

What more romantic than stalactites, stalagmites, dripping water and cool caves. Enjoy a romantic outing at Luray Caverns. This is a beautiful, romantic and colourful destination. The Caverns were found about 126 years ago. These caves are sure to thrill you. The tours of these caves are guided. They will carry lanterns and lead you down narrow paths which are lined with ever-changing formations and small natural ponds. A unique feature of the tour is the biggest musical instrument in the world known as the “Great Stalacpipe Organ”. This invention comprises of stalactites spread throughout the cave. These are electronically tapped with rubber mallets, and give rise to soulful symphonic melodies.

After a day full of skiing, cuddle next to a bon fire and sip hot cocoa. This can be a reality in Virginia. There are many ski resorts and slopes in the state like Wintergreen Resort and Massanutten etc. there are many other snow activities available during the season. Both these resorts are open through the year. Many activities are offered here through the year.

Another great activity is available at Colonial Williamsburg. You can spend some relaxing time wandering through the village, explore the buildings, and also observe the craftsmen. You will be transported back to an 18th-century tavern. Enjoy the settings, crafts and dinning of that era. The inns are very elegant and the accommodations are romantic. You can stay in the historic Williamsburg Inn where you can enjoy fine dining, pamper yourself with spa treatments, enjoy outdoor activities like golf, swimming. You may alternatively stay in one of the unique Colonial Houses. These houses are furnished with period antiques. The settings will take you back to the 18th century.

Virginia Beach is another good destination for couples. If you are physically fit, you can enjoy various activities like boating, biking, golfing, fishing, swimming, scuba diving. You can also enjoy shopping, dining, exploring. You and your partner will enjoy relaxing on the beach with sun, sand and surf. Take a stroll along the boardwalk.

If you are in Virginia on a warm spring day, you can opt for biking. For a romantic biking trip, you can visit the Nelson County. Many activities are available for romance-seeking couples like numerous bicycle trails, horseback riding, hiking, boating and exploring Crabtree Falls.

On the western end of Virginia is the “Heart of Appalachia”. This region is home to bluegrass music, Daniel Boone, Pocahontas, coal mining and the Cumberland Gap. There are many museums located in the area. Many shows are also held here. The region has earned a reputation for being¬† “America’s Most Scenic Drive”. Many outdoor activities are available. You may also observe wildlife or be a part of nature.