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Oct 312011

Virginia beach has a very active nightlife. Anyone who loves to spend a lively evening should plan a trip to this part of the United States of America.

Virginia Beach has earned the reputation of being the country’s largest resort cities. The city is situated directly on the Chesapeake Bay. Virginia Beach has a rich cultural, historical and natural background. There are many fun and thrilling activities which one can enjoy in this city. You will find a boardwalk which is several miles long. In addition, there are plenty of good restaurants, bars, and clubs you can spend an evening in.

If you are staying on the water, you can visit one of the remarkable seafood restaurants. Most of these establishments serve alcoholic beverages and remain open till late at night, some as late as 2 am. Peabody’s is Virginia Beach’s hottest dance club. The club is open throughout the week and serves some amazing mix of drinks. You can dance your night away on the huge dance floor. Many live DJs, bands, and radio sponsored events are held here. if you don’t want to dance, try Abbey Road. One side of restaurant has been done up to resemble the Beatles album cover by the same name. Abbey Road keeps experimenting with their food and drink menu. You can enjoy your evening in the great outdoor patio in the warm summer air.

If you are a comedy lover, visit the Thorogood Inn Comedy Club, or Funny Bones. Many national acts are held regularly at Funny Bones. They also serve some delicious appetizers, entrees, and drinks. On a few nights Funny Bones has a no smoking policy. So it is better to call before you plan a visit to check if smoking is allowed inside. The Thorogood Inn Comedy Club features smaller acts. Open mic nights are held on each Wednesday. On this day, wannabes come here to try their creations. You can also enjoy plenty of food and drinks here.

The Wax Museum Royal London is located on the ocean front. You can see a number of figures of your favourite celebrity and also see some spooky figures. You will love the Elvis replica. The wax museum is located on Atlantic Avenue directly across from the beach. You can stop here in between your boardwalk strolls. Also visit the Haunted Fun House after sunset. The house is open until midnight. You will love the special effects and be amazed by scary monsters who may pop out of nowhere.

Many places in Virginia Beach play soulful live music. There are many small reggae clubs as well as live venues. The Verizon Wireless Amphitheater has a seating capacity of thousands of people. You can relax in the grassy lawn or dance the entire evening on your favourite music. You may also visit the Halfshell for a smaller event. Here you can see live bands play almost daily every week. Plenty of food and drinks are available.

This article talks about just a few interesting places in Virginia Beach. There are many other delightful places which you can visit. Enjoy relaxing along the beautiful shoreline for a relaxing, romantic night on the beach as well.