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Sep 242011

Utah is a beautiful state and also a hot favourite with the tourists. Many outdoor activities are popular here like skiing, hiking etc. the state also has a number of national parks for camping and other outdoors fun. However, there is another dark side to this state. There are many haunted places in the state of Utah. This article will take you through some of the most popular ghost stories prevalent here.

Salt Lake City is located in the state and also is the home to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, popularly referred to as “Mormons.” Many ghosts belonging to the church’s past are said to haunt the city.

Brigham Young was the Mormon pioneer and church leader. He, along with a few other Utah pioneers are said to haunt the Salt Lake Valley. Young had fifty six wives. One of his wives was named Ann E. Webb and is said to haunt Young’s country home. She was his wife number nineteen and the only wife who divorced Young. Her ghost is said to be seen dressed in black clothes. The ghost usually stares out sadly from the dining room window of the farmhouse where she once lived.

Brigham Young’s spirit has also been reportedly seen in the summer months near Tracy Aviary. A translucent figure often is spotted outside an old granary building, which was formerly a brewery. Young’s spirit is said to stare at the south side of the wooden structure and disappears after acknowledging the visitors.

The City & County Building at 451 South State Street is a highly haunted site in Salt Lake. You can book a one hour tour of the building arranged by local historical societies. The third, fourth, and fifth floors of this building are the most haunted. You will experience cold spots, unexplained breezes and hear footsteps. You will also come across spirits of children playing. Some have spotted a ghost of a bride in the building. Another highly haunted place is the Salt Lake City’s Utah State Historical Society at 300 Rio Grande Street. This was established in the year 1910, and formerly the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Depot. You will see s ghost of a “the woman in purple” near the building’s Rio Grande Cafe. You may also see ghost parties in the basement.

North of Salt Lake City

Close to north of downtown Salt Lake City lies the town of Bountiful. This town has been haunted by a number of ghosts, belonging both to the pioneers and modern times.
A student was abdicated by Bountiful’s Viewmont High School. Her ghost and car are reportedly seen even during the day time.

Very close to the Bountiful Temple lies the Lakeview Memorial Estates. The view from the cemetery is beautiful. You will come across ghostly voices which will reply to your comments. If you record these questions, you will hear them being replied to in the recording.

The Layton Hills Mall was built on an old Indian burial site. This mall is said to be highly haunted. Many ghost stories are popular here. You may come across strange odours or moving mannequins. The employees of the mall will have some story about the ghosts to tell you.

Ogden was once the West’s busiest city. In the late 19th century, it became home to opium dens and brothels. Ogden was infamously called the “murder capital” of the West. Today this town has been revived and re done and has a number of quaint shops and cafes. However, in the evening time, as you walk along the streets, you will come across odd popping noises on the pavement. These tapping sounds come from ghostly madams still looking for business.

Also visit the Union Railroad Station building on Wall Avenue. This is now a museum but was used as a make shift morgue during the war years. You will come across many ghostly voices here. Ogden’s Ben Lomond Hotel is also haunted. If you are adventurous enough, you may ask to stay in a haunted room. This is America’s one of the highest haunted hotel.

South of Salt Lake City

This area has popular ski locations of Alta and Snowbird. You may spot miners’ ghosts dressed in western clothes between Hellgate and the end of this canyon. This town has over 180 buildings and two dozen saloons. This was also very ill famous for shoot outs. Many miners also lost their lives in snow slides, avalanches and mining accidents.

You will come across ghostly sounds in the Alpine Cemetery. Many ghost hunters have often lost their way in the cemetery and have taken many hours trying to find their way back. So keep your cell phone handy. The towns of Magna and Tooele have darker ghost stories. You may spot eerie lights and repeated destructive fires. Cemeteries and public schools are the places where you are most likely to spot a ghost.

Also visit the legendary ghost town of Mercur. You can hike up to Mercur’s eerie cemetery. You may spot some orbs and strange red lights here.

Other parts of Utah

Many other cities like St. George, Brigham City, Cedar City, Park City and Logan have a number of haunted sites. Many of the State and National Parks located in Utah have also been reported to be haunted, especially around sacred Native American sites.

Almost every cemetery and canyon in the state has some ghost story. You may have come across the Tales of a “Wasatch Monster” or the Gypsy’s curse in the Cache Valley.