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Sep 072011

There are many haunted places in Tennessee where supernatural activities and sightings have often been reported. There are many cities like Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Franklin, and Clarksville where haunted sites are famous.

The state of Tennessee has been a popular holiday spots in the country. It has had a number of reasons for being famous like birthplace of country music, the home of President Andrew Jackson and much more. However, it is also known as one of the most popular supernatural destinations. This article will talk about some of the most haunted places in Tennessee and ghost houses stories in this state.

If you drive down the Lamar Street, you will come across the old Memphis hospital. This hospital is no longer in use. But a number of strange occurrences have been reported here like strange sighting and noises. The people who died at this hospital during treatment have been reported to haunt this former hospital.

Ghost of a young girl names Mary haunts the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis. It is said that many people have seen the girl watching shows in the theatre and playing the organ.

Nashville is a top tourist destination and visited by about a million people each year. Along with a rich historical background, Nashville also has a number of haunted sites. The Belmont Mansion was set up in 1849 for Adelicia Hayes. This house was sold in the year 1887 and now stands in the heart of Belmont University. It is said that Adelicia wanders through the house. It is believed that she does not want to leave this house which was very close to her heart. Next haunted place in Nashville is President Andrew Jackson’s home named The Hermitage. People have seen ghosts of former slaves who worked in the house floating around the house.

Knoxville: The 1982 World’s Fair was held in this town. This now forms the main campus for the University of Tennessee. It is said that the city has a couple of haunted places : the Old Cemetery and Lakeshore Asylum. A number of dark shadows have been reported at Knoxville’s Old Cemetery. These figures have been seen floating from one grave site to another. Lakeshore Asylum was burnt down in the early 1900’s. The ruins of this building are still in place. People have often heard screaming and moaning sounds along with sounds of chains here.

Clarksville is a small city in the state of Tennessee. Here also, there are two famous haunted sites. A former plantation home stands at the back side of Resthaven Cemetery. A number of slaves worked in the plantation. Some of these slaves are said to haunt the plantation estate and cemetery lying nearby. It is said that one ghost endlessly looks for a missing child. The Smith Mansion lies near the Cumberland River. Visitors have seen the ghost of a woman, believed to be Mrs. Smith in the balcony of the house. The ghost keeps looking at the river. It is said that her husband was killed in a riverboat accident and she keeps waiting for her husband to return.

Franklin has a rich Civil War history. It is said that many places are haunted right from the time of the civil war. The Carnton Mansion was converted into a hospital to treat the wounded people during the Battle of Franklin. It is said that the ghosts of people who died in the hospital haunt the city. People have heard unexplained noises and foot steps through the home. You may even hear sounds of drum beats. The cemetery is located next to the home is also haunted. People have seen images of a girl running along the fence of the cemetery. Another ghost of a Civil War soldier has been seen keeping a watch over the graves of his comrades. The Carter House is also haunted. People have seen and heard unexplained sights and noises. This house is located on the site of the actual battleground. You can hear marching sounds and see ghosts of killed soldiers here.