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Jul 102011

There are many sites in the state of Missouri which have earned the reputation of being haunted. Many haunted sites come to mind when we think of Missouri like The Ozarks, Route 66, Kansas City Barbecue etc. This article speaks about some of the most popular haunted sites in the state.

The civil war had a deep impact on the state of Missouri. It is said that many places are haunted by people who were killed during this period. Wilson’s Creek Battlefield in Springfield was occupied by confederate soldiers during the last battle. People say that the sounds of gun shots, cannons, ghostly figures and many other unexplained sightings can be seen here in the present day. Another haunted place in Springfield is the University Plaza Hotel. This place is said to be haunted by the ghost named “The Colonel.” The Colonel owned a plantation and was a celebrated hero of the civil war. The hotel has been built on his plantation. His ghost has been seen wearing dark clothes and roaming about in the house.

Ghosts of civil war soldiers have also been seen riding on a horse at the Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama at Inspiration Point in Branson.

Cemeteries seem to be a favourite place for the spirits. There are many cemeteries which have been reported to be haunted. The Elmwood cemetery in Kansas City is the place where Robert Lee, belonging to Butch Cassidy gang, some civil war soldiers and minor celebrities had been laid to rest. It is said that a couple of spirits are very active here. Spirits of two young girls have been seen on rainy days at the cemetery playing and wearing white dresses. The Forrest Hill Cemetery in Kansas City has also witnessed paranormal activities. You can hear unexplained noises near a large mausoleum in the cemetery. You also get a strange feeling of being followed at this cemetery.

Another favourite place for spirits includes old homes and hotels. The Hotel Savoy in Kansas City is a highly haunted place. A guest died in the bathtub in room number 505. You are sure to have an encounter with a ghost if you stay in this hotel room. The Sauer Castle is haunted by the ghost of a small boy. This villa was set up in 1875 and renovated in 2005. It is said the house is haunted by the owner who died here due to tuberculosis, or by his son who died in a train accident.  The last haunted place in Kansas City is the Donaldson House or Kansas City Art Institute. Many ghost stories are popular here. The second floor of the house is said to be haunted. One can hear unexplained noises and see ghostly figures at this centre.

The Thias House Bed and Breakfast is located in Washington Missouri and is said to be haunted by a woman belonging to the Victorian era. You may even sense a hand touching your shoulder in this inn. St. Louis also has a number of stories about paranormal activities taking place in the city. Rose Hill is haunted by the spirit of a woman named Rose who was murdered while trying to repair her car. It is said that if you spray some flour on the car trunk and place a rose on it, you will be able to see handprints on the car trunk and rose would have vanished after you climb the hill.

Branson has its share of haunted sites. A plane crashed in Dewey Bald Mountain. You are sure to come across ghosts of people who died in this crash. It is said that these ghosts are trying to get back home to their loved ones.