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Aug 292011

Ohio almost never features in the plans of the holiday makers because they are not aware of the many attractions it holds and the fun and entertainment that is in store for the whole family. If you are looking for a vacation where there is plenty to see and do but without the crowds and within a reasonable budget, then Ohio is a place which will suit you. You have to be careful not to overstep traffic rules as they are strictly enforced there.

Ohio has a very popular theme park, Sea World where you can see dolphins, sea lions, walruses and whales. Sea world shark encounter is an amazing shark exhibit. Many varieties of shark can be seen swimming in a huge tank which rises above the visitors’ heads. They can be viewed from beneath the tank. There is a play area for children with water games. A two storey tall climbing enclosure has ropes and tubes which can keep children engrossed for hours. Two day passes are available as children will want to spend more and more time there.

The Geauga Lake Amusement Park is close by. It has roller coasters, other rides and carnival games. Cedar Point Amusement Park has the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster to thrill the visitors. Another amusement park is Six Flags.

Cleveland, which is nearby, has the famous Rock and Roll Hall and museum. The architecture is astounding. Every year a new member of the stature of Tina Turner and Bob Dylan is inducted into the Hall of Fame. Every song of the inductee is entered into a computerised juke box. This is accompanied by a film on the celebrity’s career. Personal belongings of the concerned person are also put on display. Along with these various new items are added often.

Several theatres and an internationally famous orchestra are there in Cleveland. There is an awe inspiring Museum of Art. The Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo is complimented by a rain forest which has an area of 165 acres and two acres of tropical forests.

Ohio has many state parks mostly on the coast of Lake Erie. They are beautiful and low cost to visit. The lake has gentle waves and the beaches are truly worth a visit. The Ohio Department of Tourism can guide you to many lakes and forests which you can visit. Near Lake Erie is the Maumee Bay State Park where there is the Maumee Bay Golf course. It is an 18 hole course. While you enjoy golf, your family can swim, boat, hunt, fish or visit the nature centre.

In Steubemille, Ohio, you will find the Steubemille City of Murals. It takes a whole day to tour the twenty murals. There is an animation factory and a classic car museum too. A buffet lunch comes along with a tour. You can feast your eyes on more than a 100 types of flowers.

Ohio is a wonderful place for summer vacations. You can find many more interesting things to do and visit when you get there.