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Jun 152011

Colon is a small town in Michigan. Like other small inhabited places, this town with about 1200 residents is situated around a street with very few people moving around. It is rare to see vehicles moving around in the streets. However, one will be able to see horse driven carriages carrying goods and material from place to place. This place has only two gas stations. What is found in abundance is natural resources like open fields, small mountains surrounding the place, thick and thin forests and water flowing in lakes.

Except for the natural beauty you could find hardly any place of tourist attraction and during the year no tourist will be found visiting the place. People for their livelihood depend upon agriculture and fishing. Plenty of fish is available in clean water of the rivers. However, once a year this place gives a altogether different look. This is the time of magic festival celebrated in the township.

The story of this festival is quite interesting. Harry Blackstone, a famous magician, came to this place on a fishing trip on the invitation of his friend. He was so fascinated by the beauty of the woods that he purchased about 208 acres of woods and fields. It is here he had built up his home and started living. His son Harry Blackstone Jr. was born here. It is here he had set up his magic workshop and headquarters of his magic company. Ultimately he died here and remains buried here.

The magic factory built here is a training ground for young budding magicians. It is here that magical items to illusion the audience are manufactured. This factory is a source of employment for many. The place is of so much importance to magicians worldwide that some have willed to be buried at this place after death. Wishes of some of them have already been fulfilled. Colon Michigan is known as magic capital of the world.

Once a year, magicians from all over the world travel to this place for the annual magical event. At this time all available space gets occupied. Local residents provide available accommodation to the visitors. Some even leave their houses and move to their relatives to enable the visitors to be comfortable. Once the conference ends, all visitors leave and the town comes back to its normal activity.

The convention of magicians held at this place is the largest gathering of magicians in the world. They discuss and also make purchases for the items of illusion from the magic factory. This is why Colon situated in Michigan State is called the magic capital of the world.