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Jul 192011
New Jersey Vacation Guide

New Jersey is visited by a large number of tourists throughout the year. At any time of the year you will see tourists going to this place to enjoy the beauty of nature and other recreational facilities available in State Parks and amusement parks. The best advantage of the state is that it is situated […]

Jul 192011
Jersey City Tourist Attractions

Jersey City is the gateway to the state of New Jersey. This is a rich city and the history and culture of the place offers much to visitors and tourists. Some of the main places of attractions for tourists and things to do in Jersey City are given here. Jersey City is a place with […]

Jul 162011
Hiking Trails In New Jersey

Batona Trail is a well defined hiking trail. It starts from the Lebanon state forest and ends at Evans Bridge. There is a big parking lot at this place and is a good access point for hikers who want to explore this trail running through marshy land, Wadding River. The trail also crosses through a […]

Jul 152011
Visit To New Jersey State Aquarium

New Jersey state aquarium is a high science marvel added recently on the banks of river Delaware. The high technology equipment installed in the aquarium adds to the recreation and learning of the visitors. The visitors can participate in a number of interactive exhibits and shows and increase their knowledge about sea creatures. After participating […]

Jul 152011
Things To Do In Ocean Grove NJ

Ocean grove is a place in New Jersey which has the highest concentration of Victorian architecture found anywhere in the United States of America. The historic places found here are a square mile of natural beauty, pristine beaches, unique eateries, tree lined streets, serene boardwalks and parks, magnificent inns for stay, music and lecture programmes […]

Jul 152011
Things To Do In Lambertville NJ

Lambertville for long has been treated as a tourist destination by the people who love to spend some time relaxing and in tranquillity. People who are interested in art, antiques, peaceful atmosphere and a nice bed to sleep with morning breakfast waiting for them prefer this destination when they decide to spend some time with […]

Jul 152011
New Jersey Travel Guide

New Jersey is a small but beautiful state of the United States of America. It has a large number of rivers and sea shores, making it a place worth visiting by any tourist. Being quite close to the prosperous state of New York and Pennsylvania, and also being well connected by road and air links, […]

Jul 152011
New Jersey Famous Landmarks

New Jersey is a small state of the United States of America. By the same name there exists New Jersey town which is one of the entry points of the state. The state is full of landmarks, historical places, beaches, hotels, casinos and the ocean front boardwalk. Some of them are described here. The sparkling […]

Jul 152011
Historical Places In New Jersey

New Jersey is a small state of USA. It is situated on the shores of Hudson River. About one third of the area of the state is covered with water. The state has much to offer to any type of tourist. For those interested in water and water sports, they have ample places to go […]