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Jul 082011
Fun Outdoor Activities In Michigan

Michigan is a state which has four seasons and specialised festivals or activities are held here during each season. This is a place known for a large number of water bodies. In addition, a large portion of the land is covered with thick forests. A visitor can be in Michigan during any weather and enjoy […]

Jul 072011
Fun Things To Do With Kids In Michigan

The whole State of Michigan has much to offer to the children. You may be in any part in the state of Michigan, you will be able to find something or the other of interest for the children. Before visiting the state, to get value for money, you need to do some research, and make […]

Jun 302011
Weekend Getaways For Couples In Michigan

Michigan is a place to visit by couples, both newly married and also those who have lived together over years, for them it will be second or extended honeymoon trip. Michigan is a place with a large number of water bodies including lakes, romantic rivers sides and sea shore. A substantial portion of the area […]

Jun 212011
Paulding Lights In Michigan

Michigan is a place where a large number of tourists visit due to its scenic beauty and the existence of water bodies, mountains and woods. In addition to the tourist attractions, a number of mysteries are attached to this place. Paulding Lights sighted between Watersmeet and Paulding is a mystery in itself. Though the lights […]

Jun 202011
Morel Mushroom Festival Michigan

In the month of May when the temperature starts to increase, it is time of holding of the great Morel Mushroom Season in Michigan. In the year 2011, the 51st festival was held. The committee members have a hard time making preparations as each year there is a desire to improve as compared to last […]

Jun 192011
Michigan Historical Sites

Michigan has many attractions of historical importance. The places of historical importance include bridges, places of battleground, lighthouses, mansions, museums and maritime military theaters. If you have a taste for history of the country and the state, Michigan has attractions for you. You will be able to see a number of museums, bays, beaches and […]

Jun 182011
Most Haunted Places In Michigan

If you are bold and looking for adventure of a different type, Michigan is the place for you. Here you will go visiting places and experiencing things which will raise the hair on your body and the chill of fear will go down your body. There are a large number of places in Michigan which […]

Jun 182011
Family Fishing Vacations In Michigan

Michigan is a state full of rivers and other water bodies. The region comprises of two peninsulas- the Upper and the Lower Peninsula. The Upper Peninsula region is more unexplored as compared to the Lower Peninsula. The lakes, rivers and streams flowing through the region are generally unspoiled due to human interference. The Upper Peninsula […]

Jun 182011
Michigan Fairs And Festivals

Michigan has a very long fresh water coast line, probably the longest in the world. It is also called the Great Lake region of the country. In addition to lakes, there are a large number of other water bodies and a person in Michigan is never more than five miles away from a water body. […]