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Jul 012011
Fun Things To Do In Kentucky With Kids

If you are planning a holiday trip with your children, Kentucky is the place to visit. The only requirement is that you plan your trip properly in advance. Kentucky is called the land of bluegrass. This means that the land is fertile and lots of opportunities are available for the recreation of children. You will […]

Jul 012011
Fun Things To Do In Kentucky

Kentucky is known as bluegrass state, this is due to very fertile land of the area where blue grass grows in abundance and a large number of pastures for live stocks are present. This place is known for racing horses, worlds longest cave system, water ways and streams. The two manmade lakes are a place […]

Jul 012011
Things To Do In Ashland Kentucky

There are many historical vacation stops in the Kentucky. Ashland is one such beautiful old property. It has a rich history of hospitality. Even in the early nineteenth century guests were welcomed to tour the farm and its ground. At that time it belonged to Henry and Lucretia Clay. Although they lived in the town […]

Jun 172011
Fairs And Festivals In Kentucky

People of Kentucky are famous for the spirit of adventure. It is fun to be with them during the time of celebration. Making a plan to go to Kentucky is easy as lots of exciting events are happening in and around Kentucky. A lot of basic information on the festivals of Kentucky is available on […]

Jun 082011
Kentucky Derby Museum Tours

Kentucky is one of the states of USA located in the south eastern region of the country. It is also known for blue grass that grows in the pastures and aids in breeding of high quality live stock, including racing horses. Amongst other things, it is known for horse racing. Considering the interest of the […]