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Jun 142011
Fairs And Festivals In Indiana

Indiana is a state in United States with a number of towns. Each of these towns has a rich cultural background and a number of festivals are celebrated in every town. Even the smallest of towns celebrate a number of festivals annually. If you are planning a trip to this state, make sure that you […]

May 212011
Indiana Vacation Spots With Family

Indiana is also called the Hoosier state. Hoosier is a name given to the natives of the state. However, it is not certain as to how the name came about. The state is also called the Crossroads of the United States.  The Lincoln Highway runs through the state and is an important travel route. Listed […]

May 202011
Camping In Indiana State Parks

Indiana was traditionally known as the state which produced maximum corn.  However, over a period of decades, Indiana has evolved into something much larger. This is one of the most sought after tourist spot. Indiana has a number of state parks and camping grounds. While on a vacation here, you must visit one of the […]

May 202011
Indianapolis Tourist Attractions

Indianapolis is a dynamic city located in the central portion of America. The city has a host of activities which can be enjoyed by tourists starting from sports competitions, outdoor activities, museums, theaters and much more. Indianapolis is a wonderful place for sports lovers. You can enjoy a game of professional basketball at the famous […]

May 202011
Fun Things To Do In South Bend, Indiana

South Bend is a town located in the northern part of Indiana. Although, this is a small town, but there are many things which tourists can enjoy in this town. This article takes you through some of the pleasant and enjoyable things which you can enjoy in this town. 1. Your first stop in South […]

May 202011
Indiana Travel Information For Tourists

Indiana is also called the Home of the Indians and the Hoosier state after the native people Hoosiers. This is a great place to spend your holidays owing to its beautiful backdrop and numerous activities which one can enjoy on a trip to this state. You can see the sand dunes, caves, hills, forests and […]

May 202011
Fun Things To Do In Indiana With Kids

Indiana is a great destination for a family holiday. Also known as the Hoosier State, Indiana has many interesting places to visit. Families with kids should definitely visit The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. The kids can explore and learn about history, art, culture, and environment etc of the state. The museum has been established in […]