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Jun 142011
Most Haunted Places In Illinois

Illinois has many places which have earned a reputation of being haunted. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is located in Midlothian and is probably the most haunted place in Chicago. People have reported a number of paranormal phenomenons in this area like unexplained noises and lights, odd figures and glowing orbs. The cemetery was set up in […]

Jun 082011
Fun Things To Do In Illinois

Illinois is fast becoming a favoured holiday spot for tourists. Although it is popularly believed that  Chicago is the sole city with some site seeing opportunities, but this is not true. This article takes you through the top things you can enjoy in the state. Southern Illinois: While in the southern part of the state, […]

Jun 072011
Illinois Historical Sites

Illinois is a great place to plan a historical trip with your family. The history of the nation almost comes to live here. there are many historical landmarks wonders here. Begin your tour in Springfield where America’s 16th President, Abraham Lincoln was born. Due to his efforts, Springfield was established as the capital of Illinois. […]

Jun 032011
Indoor And Outdoor Water Parks In Illinois

We all love water parks, especially in the summer season. If you or your kids love water parks, Illinois has a number of indoor and outdoor water parks located in a many of places in the state. They vary in their popularity with the tourists according to their size. Most of these water parks have […]

May 212011
Fun Things To Do With Family In Illinois

If you are planning a trip with your family, Illinois should be your first choice. There are many fun things to do here, along with a rich historical past. Your family will love to do activities like hiking, visit amusement parks and much more. 1. There is much to do in Illinois for nature lovers.  […]

May 212011
Fairs And Festivals In Illinois

All states in United States have a number of festivals which are celebrated throughout the year. Illinois also has many festivals which are celebrated over the year. People with different interests should know about which festivals are celebrated when to visit the state accordingly. There are many festivals for the music lovers like the Bluegrass […]