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May 202011

Indiana was traditionally known as the state which produced maximum corn.  However, over a period of decades, Indiana has evolved into something much larger. This is one of the most sought after tourist spot. Indiana has a number of state parks and camping grounds. While on a vacation here, you must visit one of the many camping grounds. There are many quaint, quiet camping grounds where one can enjoy a peaceful time in a small town kind of settings.

One of the best camping grounds in the northern part of the state is Donna Jo’s Campground in Kouts, Indiana. This camping ground is surrounded by dwellings and also by corn fields. This place is special as here you can see many wild animals like deer and peacocks. Donna Jo even has a man made pond where you can enjoy swimming. Although this camping site facility is a little expensive, but the facilities are five star. Many festivals are held here every year in the community centre. You can visit the campsite during celebrations like Halloween party or labor day band.

Down in Marshall, Indiana is Turkey Run State Park. They offer camping and hiking. This is a very good campground to take your children to allow them to appreciate nature and have fun at the same time. They offer campsites as well as cabins for rent for the weekend. Turkey run has 213 Class A electric campsites with the access to modern restroom facilities.

While you are out in Turkey Run, they offer 11 different trails to explore but before you explore, be sure to pick up a map of the trails just to be on the safe side. If you decide to explore, make sure you wear good walking and hiking shoes plus you could possibly pack a lunch for your trek.

Each trail offers a different opportunity for experiences when hiking. Trail one starts off easy and each trail gets a bit more adventurous. By the time you reach Trail 11, if you decide to take all 11 in one day, you will have the opportunity to view the Lieber cabin and the Log Church. While you are exploring you will run across the Narrows Covered Bridge and the Lusk Home. Every one of these warrants an expedition while you are visiting Turkey Run.