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Jun 092011

Maryland is a state of the United States of America located in the mid Atlantic region towards the south of the country. It is surrounded by Virginia, Columbia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Being close to a number of tourist destinations and situated in the mid Atlantic region, it is a place for making a day trip. This is a major center for research and development in life science. A large number of biotechnology companies are located in the region.

While in Maryland, you can go for day trips or weekend getaways in sea beaches and relax there. In order to spend maximum time relaxing on the beaches it is advised to start a little early to avoid city traffic. In addition to the beaches, you can visit the following places which will be of great interest to you:

About 65 miles off the shore line you can visit Deep Creek Lake. This is Maryland’s biggest fresh water lake. Here you can enjoy fishing, boating, swimming and biking. You can go in for a hiking expedition. You can finish the trip during the day, but if interested you can stay overnight in lake side cabins or lodges. The temperature usually drops in mid November and the lake surface gets converted with ice. At this time you can do ice fishing and enjoy your day.

If you are interested in art, culture and shopping you need to visit Frederick. Here you will find more than 200 shops selling speciality items, handicrafts, and jewellery and home furnishings. A number of art and cultural galleries showing cultural events can be found and visited. You can enjoy speciality food at different restaurants and return to your place by night.

Baltimore city is another place of interest for the visitors. A stroll around the inner harbour or a visit to the ethnic neighbourhood of the city will make you believe why this is called a city of charm. While here, you can visit national aquarium and cultural centres and museums displaying the great paintings of great painters. The Wax museum is a place you must visit when here. You will come face to face with many national and international heroes. In addition, enjoy the great food at eating joints located at every corner of the city.

Maryland’s eastern shore has about 10 miles of beach front and about 8 million people visit this place each year. Here on the beach you will find a large number of eateries situated on the walkway of 3 miles. Some of the eateries are in business for the last 100 years and sell the same products generation to generation. Water slides, amusement parks and haunted houses add to the attraction of the city. If you are accompanied by young children, it will be a time for enjoyment for the whole family together. If interested, you can enjoy shopping of some traditional items of the area.